Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Makhan Lal Chakraborty - REDUX

Years ago I had written about the medals of M L Chakraborty that I had procured. 

I knew little about him. 

Enrolled: 14 Jan 1942
Made a JCO on : 24 Dec. 1944 in JCOs EME, Workshop Branch, Cadre of Craftsmen. 

Now thanks to the Gazette of India website I can add a bit more.

Gazette of India  May 18, 1963

No. 1128, dated 3rd May 1963.-The President is pleased •lo make the following promotions :

To be Subs. Subedar {Arml Art ir Artz eligible categories)
PA Subdr Makhan Lal CHAKRABORTY (52968-JC),

Gazette of India , JUNE 1, 1963, Page 183
He was a Subedar in 1961 and made it into the Special List as a Lt in 1963

The undermentioned J.C.Os. are; granted permt, regular Commission in the Special List as an Electrical and Mechanical Assistant Engineers w.e.f. 15Lh Mar, 1963 in the rank of Lt«. under AJ. 24/59.
Sub. Makhan Lal CHAKRABORTY (JC-52968 now SL-791).  E.M.E. with seniority irotn 15th Mar. 1961 for purposes of pay only under A.I. 222/48.

And ofcourse he was on strength in 1965 - due to the presence of the 1965 Raksha Medal.

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