Friday, February 25, 2011

The Westland Lysander in India

Amazon Kindle e-books opens up some great possibilities of 'publishing' ebooks to niche audiences. One can get to write and publish stuff that normally would not get done so by traditional publishing houses - yet at the same time may hold the interest of the audience out there.

Kindle gives an opportunity to put these ebooks out for those who are interested. Now that they are not platform specific - they can be read not only on the Kindle, but also on iPads, iPods, PCs - it makes sense that this new market should be tapped. Two of my ebooks are out there now - Westland Lysanders of the Indian Air Force and Westland Lysanders of No.28 Squadron, RAF . Now if I can do the history of the aircraft with No.20 Sqn, RAF and No.357 Sqn RAF (whose ORBs incidentally are available at ), then I will have completed the history of one aircraft type in India across all squadrons! That would be something

Now regarding the interest these ebooks generate - surprisingly, the Lysanders in the IAF ebook has done well. and by well, sales are well into double figures :)