Friday, July 30, 2010

Khusro Manzil, AC Guards, Lakdi-ka-pul

Khusro Manzil at AC Guards near Lakdi Ka Pul.. I went there today and to my surprise it was still there - I expected it to be knocked down completely and replaced by apartment blocks...

The erstwhile residence of Nawab Khusro Jung Bahadur - the son of Major General Nawab Sir Afsur-ul-Mulk Bahadur, Chief Commander of Regular Forces in Hyderabad State during the period of the Nizam-VI. Khusro died in 1930. The building situated on a hillock between Lakdi-ka-pul and Masab Tank was constructed in 1920. It is divided into several rooms and was housing the Census Department. I was told that the building would be prominently visible from the main road leading from Lkdkapul to Masabtank / Mehdipatnam - now a bunch of apartment buildings and other monstrosities block out any view of it... (Tip of the hat to fellow Aviation Historian Mrs Anu Reddy for letting me know the history of this)

The original owners are apparently trying their best to knock it down..
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