Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The " Tank Bund " Road

Another Gem from the TIME-LIFE archives. Tank Bund Road at Hussain Sagar - with the Naubat Pahad in the center background at the distance. For the Hyderabadi challenged, Naubat Pahad is the hillock on which the Birla Mandir was constructed. To the right of the photo, one can see the chimney stacks of the "Mint" - at the Mint Compound location. And wonder of wonders! - no cars or automobiles on it!

If you look closely behind the third light pole from the right - you can see a strange building - which we used to say was shaped like a steamer ship - it was the Hyderabad Boats Club Building. I thought the building is still there today, but i cannot locate a picture of it anywhere.

I still remember the road being this width when I was a kid. Only after NTR came did he undertake the widening and beautification of the road.

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