Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Indian Army Alouette in Gilgit, Pakistan - 3

Following up on my earlier posts one and two, a third picture has recently been uploaded on flickr. This one has a better shot of the plaque but it is not clear enough to read.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Garden Airport Airshow


While going through a free newspaper about local news - i picked up at the groceries store, I was surprised to find an ad about an "Air Show!" . What?? an airshow close to home?? turns out that the New Garden Airport at Toughkenemon, PA has an annual airshow. a small affair, but a regular one.

Having an airshow close to home - I just had to haul my ass off to watch it - and i did. the airport was a cute place - single runway - lot of gen av aircraft. the arrangement was such that you could literally sit about 50 - 100 feet away from the runway threshold and take pictures. The aircraft actually come into land flying just above the parking lot. So I had some wonderful shots. Some of the best i have taken (Beating even the WW2 reading ones)

More of the photos at this link

Thursday, June 12, 2008

World War II Weekend at Reading, PA

P40 Tomahawk
Originally uploaded by Super Zag
Attended the World War II Weekend last Saturday at Reading airport in Pennsylvania. An incredibly hot day that resulted in several people passing out due to the heat.

A number of warbirds were there - though the Hurricane and Yak were missing from last year. The Weather was glorious for flying and so was the lighting and angles. Took 450+ photos - some of the best aircraft ones are uploaded here