Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bangladesh Gallantry Medals - Numbers Awarded

Researching the India Pakistan Air War over Bangladesh in 1971 comes up with all kinds of information - part of it has to deal with the gallantry awards set up by Bangladesh.  The Bangla forces set up a four tier award system.. the fourth being something equivalent to a M-in-D.. 

Numbers awarded for the 1971 War 

Bir Sreshto - 7 (4 Army, 1 AF, 1 Navy, 1 Ex-EPR)
Bir Uttom - 68 
Bir Bikrom - 175
Bir Protik - 426

Besides the Army, AF and Navy, awards were also given to "Gono Bahini" (People's Force)

Apparently the list was published in the Bangladesh Gazette Extraordinary Dated December 15, 1973

I extracted this out of the Newspapers of that time.

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