Thursday, June 16, 2005

Losing out on my own domain

Once in a while I like to Google my name (talk about ego!) and see where my sites come up.. But this was unexpected

Google Search on "Jagan Pillarisetti"

Neither my Warbirds of India website nor my Bharat Rakshak website is No.1 - instead my photos hosted on come up . Talk about my own sites losing out!! Result no.4 is even funnier, it is about some photographs of railway stations I took last year... , guess that proves that railway fans are more in number than aviation or warbird fans. But then IRFCA is the largest Railway fans website, much much larger than warbirds.

anyway to cut a long story short, I must be the only Jagan pillarisetti on the web, because i could not find any other reference to any other Jagan Pillarisetti other than me..atleast in the first five pages of results.

Okay okay.. Why not do a Google search on just Pillarisetti. It turns out there are thousands of Pillarisettis on the net , but the link is No.2 - So something good has come out of Airliners after all.!!!

Finally I did a search on google for just Jagan. It would be such a common name I would not expect a good rank, but surprise! Its rank no.3 for my Tripod Site. and Rank no.8 for Warbirds. Not bad for such a common search.