Sunday, January 04, 2009

That Canberra sure looks different!

The above photo was taken from Defence Journal Magazine from Pakistan. The original article dealt with the 1959 incident where an IAF Canberra was shot down on a recce mission into Pakistan. It took a letter or two before some reader wrote in saying that the photo doesnt look like a Canberra. Infact it looks quite suspiciously like a Bristol Brigand , a type which the PAF had a lone example of. The Brigand crashed on a ferry flight from UK - I believe outside Basra.

Anyways - Would this turn out to be a picture of the said Brigand? Did DJ actually uncover a hidden gem unknowingly? What do you think?
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Himlynx said...

Jagan, this is no Canberra. It's a twin radial engined aircraft, 3 bladed prop.