Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Books I should have reviewed but didnt

I always appreciate a book that I enjoyed reading . And after every good book I read, I promise myself that I will write a few words or even review it on my website - but usually never ever came around to doing so.

I wrote some basic reviews on Amazon for a few - including Mansoor Shah's Gold Bird, Peter Smith's Vultee Vengeance, Roopinder Singh's Arjan Singh, but there are still a lot more great books that I have read over time that I didnt write about. (Yes I have written about YEAGER! - but that was more of a rant than a review!)

Without further ado - the books that I should review in detail .. at the earliest! (In no particular order)
  1. The Incredible War - Air Marshal Bharat Kumar
  2. Himalayan Eagles - Pushpindar Singh
  3. Battle for Pakistan - John Fricker
  4. The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965 - Yours truly and Samir Chopra

The first two are fairly recent. Frickers book is now three decades old, but still a great read if you know what you are looking for. the last one is my own book - its been five years since its final draft, and with loads of research work in between, there are lot of criticisms that I have about it. well.. some day!

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