Thursday, December 06, 2007

NDTV mentions Bharat-Rakshak in their reports

Col Ajai Shukla, the correspondent of NDTV , Business Standard, author of Broadsword blog etc had done a news report on 'Official histories' of the India's Post47 Wars and mentions that Bharat-Rakshak hosts the pdfs for everyone to download. The report can be viewed at here
Report - History or Mystery

There is also a follow up discussion on X-Factor where the site is mentioned towards the end of the segment. The link is here
Discussion - Can India's people not be trusted with the story of India's wars?

Okay, enough of the dabba-maro-fying

Col Shukla's Informative blog post on the topic can be seen at . its a good post that tells the history of the MoD historical cell, the number of copies printed and other shenanigans at MoD which I never knew before. Also news to me was that the MoD historical cell was scrapped in the early 90s! Any wonder why I am rolling my eyes at the mod?

Coming to the hosted files on the internet, I was a bit amused that it has been reported now that BR hosts the official histories . And one of the reports actually carries the byeline ARMY HISTORY LEAKED, as if it happened yesterday!

The truth?, blame the Times of India - it was they who leaked it way back in 2000! thats seven years ago!. After the Times stopped hosting it and pulled down their websites on this (no surprise), we decided to host the same files on BR and they have been there for seven years. But I guess the season of the day in Delhi is the official histories publications, the henderson-brooks report and stuff like that so no surprise.

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