Sunday, January 15, 2012

Death of a Forum: Commonwealth Forces of WW2

Commonwealth Forces of WW2 was started by a friend a few years ago with much fan fare. The forum proved to be promising - trying to focus on personnel from countries in the commonwealth other than UK. The admin (Amrit) built it up into a large resource with thousands of posts over the couple of years since it started. Ably supported by hundreds of posts by Andy Wright, Adrian Roberts, Lyffe, Oggie .

For me personally with an interest in the Indian contribution, I would make the odd contribution here and there. Inspite of my my lack of participation there was still a considerable amount of 'data' that was collected. Some threads of mention included those on Gp Capt A S Mann, W/O R D Garware, a thread on MS Pujji and so on. the site would be an online resource to consult whenever i needed to build up on the preliminary research.. so I thought

Big Mistake..

Two months ago, Andy Wright sent an email stating the forum will be closed down soon - it was not in his control, Amrit decided to pull the plug. for what reasons - I will never know. He didnt respond to my email either. The shut down happened abruptly with virtually no way to retrieve the information before the site went down.. The whole experience leaves a bad taste in the mouth.. but Lesson learnt..

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