Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RAF India WW2 - Which buiding is that?

An RAF group photo from India - pretty large group. Atleast ten Indian airmen in there, and one WAC(I) in the front row.

No idea as to which unit, year or building it is. Seems to be on of the Delhi based palace type building..

Can anyone identify the building in the background?

Update August 2013:  Readers in the Comments Section have identified this building as "Hyderabad House" which served as the Command HQ for the RAF during the Second World WAr
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Adi said...

Resembles the UPSC bdg in Delhi



- Aditya

Mohamed Taher said...

Jagan Bhai
There is one more, similar building (at least from front), see here:

The associated text with the image reads: "Arjan Singh in Royal Air Force College, Cranwell (England)"

Best wishes,
A Hyderabadiz Blogger

1falconer said...

hi jagan
this the Hyderabad House on 1, Ashoka road, New Delhi
Hyderabad House has played host to Foreign Heads of State, Heads of Government and ... Address: 1, Ashok Road, Hyderabad House, New Delhi – 110001

see here

Jagan said...

Fantastic - thank you for the identification falconer.. much appreciated! I knew someone would recognise the building!