Saturday, May 02, 2009

A spanking new Sukhoi-7 BMK

A pretty rare colour photograph of a Sukhoi-7BMK in IAF Markings, in natural metal finish without an ounce of camoflage paint on it!

Six and a half squadrons flew this aircraft during the 1971 War, and more than a Squadron's worth were lost in the operations - Aerial Combat, Ground Fire, Accidents.

What is unusual in this photograph is the lack of tail number on the aircraft. The roundel on the front fuselage confirms that this is not an early model but probably one of the batch that was delivered after 1969.

I dont know the source of this colour photograph other than that it appeared in one of the Air Enthusiast series of magazines. It is also on the cover of Puspindar Singh's "Aircraft of the Indian Air Force 1933-73" - thus one can safely assume that this photo predates that book. Air to Air Colour photographs from the 60s are almost non-existant and the origin of this photo is a mystery to say the least.
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