Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bravery of a different kind

'Armed police would not fire back. – I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera' - Asia, World - The Independent

You have to appreciate the photographer Stephen D'Souza for keeping his cool and taking those pictures. I am certainly glad to see that he has got the attention finally.

There is however one point that needs to be clarified - despite his experience with some of those cops who didnt fire back, there were a few who bravely faced the terrorists at CST. There is some CCTV footage showing two RPF constables sharing one Lee Enfield .303 rifle between the two of them - taking potshots at the two gunmen. One of the constables even tries to throw a chair to divert / distract them. Then there is another RPF constable who was shot in the stomach after firing three rounds. fortunately he survived his wounds. These few good men do deserve the spot light.

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