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DAWN - Letters; June 6, 2003

DAWN - Letters; June 6, 2003

From the above link, two quotes were of interest to me:

Brig Ghansara Singh was the governor of the Gilgit province. He was also a
cousin of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. Brig Ghansara Singh also wrote a book
under the title of Last Days of Gilgit and Baltistan.

I have heard of this book by Brig Singh. Apparently the papers of Maj Brown, the British officer who led the rebellion are in the collection of the Imperial War Museum. They also have a copy of the book written by Brig Ghansara Singh.

Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s father, Brig Rehmat Khan “Tahker”, a former
commander-in-chief of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (he was awarded the title
of “Tahker” by the Maharaja of Kashmir), was also once appointed governor of the
Gilgit province by the Maharaja of Kashmir

Proves what I read in PN Sharmas book 'Inside Occupied Kashmir' - excerpts of which are on the Bharat-Rakshak Website. Sharma writes that he and Flt Lt U D'Cruz were exchanged with Brig Rahmatullah and Wg Cdr Asghar Khan, his son came to pick him up. This was the only reference i found that Rahmatullah was actually a 'POW' in India. How he ended up in India was never mentioned. The above para, now confirms that Rahmatullah was the ex-cinc of the JAK State forces. the pieces fall into place

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