Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Liberation Times : Commemorating 30 Years since India's Greatest Victory

An email prompted me to look back at the mini-website I had made about four years back. I look back at it with amazement, because i remember those hectic two weeks, I was literally writing stuff half the time and designing HTML half the time - It was back breaking work for fifteen days plus. And just when I had one more issue to go, calamity struck with one of the biggest personal crisis i had faced till date (or till now for that matter) and the Last issue for Dec 17th never got made.

Once in a while the odd visitor stumbles onto the website, gets pleasantly surprised and drops me an email. I read the mail, think about that hectic period when I built this, which brings a wry smile to my face.

Boy, I wish i nver go thru that kind of a phase ever again! , next time I will hire half a dozen people to do this.

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