Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Missing in Action..

OK, so I have gone missing in action for about a month.. But I have some great excuses to justify it. I was away to Delhi for about a week towards the end of the month. The trip was made to coincide with several objectives - 1. to interview a couple of WW2 Veterans, 2. to check out the publishing of my first ever book 'India Pakistan Air War' (More on this later).

I had a great time interviewing/Videographing Air Vice Marshal SN Goyal, all of 89 years and an original Cranwell graduated officer - he had many tales to tell and it was great to talk to him.

I then got to ride on the Delhi Metro, of which I made this illegal video (Hosted on IndiaMike.com - Thanks mike). The Delhi Metro is one of the best things happening to Delhi. And I look forward to the day that I can catch the metro to go visiting the IAF Musuem in Palam, and make a journey in about 19 min flat from CP to Palam!

I was also there at an interesting place called Paharganj, that very much resembles the old city in Hyderabad, but this dump is actually habited by foreign tourists on a budget. So the whole business approach was aimed at them and the place has a funny feel to it.. Old City, but westernised for the gora tourists.. Anyway I liked it much more than the much hyped Karol Bagh as far as food and shopping goes..

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